Clay Pot Creative History

When we started Clay Pot Creative in 2000, the marketing agency world was flooded with fly-by-night “website designers.” They would give you a one size fits all approach to your web presence, giving you a website virtually identical to the last 50 they had done and the next 50 they were going to be working on. Paste in a new logo. Change some page names. Voilà! New website. “Good luck!”

We decided to take a different approach. Clay Pot Creative was born out of the desire to provide custom, hand crafted marketing solutions for clients. As evidenced by our name, we want to be a hands on resource to your organization. Rather than simply working on your website and cutting you loose, we want to establish a relationship with you so you can trust us with all of your marketing questions and projects.

Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, we have grown over the years to include a wealth of graphic designers, developers, search engine specialists, and more. Yet we still have that same philosophy as we did in 2000. We want to provide you solutions designed intentionally for your needs. Over our near 15 years, we have helped grow small businesses into large ones, helped raise millions of dollars for local charities and non-profits, and now have an international base of trusted clients. We want to add you to that list.

While we can’t provide you any actual clay pots (trust us, we get asked all the time), we can offer you world-class marketing from every level of our full-service marketing agency. We welcome the opportunity of speaking with you about your project!

At Clay Pot Creative, each of our team members is a seasoned professional. There are no junior level graphic designers or interns working on your projects. Just world-class web developers and art directors giving your projects the care they deserve. We invite you to learn more about the Clay Pot Creative teammembers below.

Giving Back to the Community

Clay Pot Creative is proud to donate our time, talent, and services to a number of worthy causes in the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado community. As a full-service marketing agency, we have happily assisted many of the following organizations with website development, copywriting, graphic design, and much more.

Realities for Children
Habitat for Humanity
Fort Collins Symphony
Rocky Mountain High School
3 Hopeful Hearts
Food Bank
Loveland Classic
Climate Wise