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Lighthouse Chiropractic

Offering chiropractic services to help with everything from pain relief following a car accident to adjusting baby positioning during pregnancy, Lighthouse Chiropractic needed a website design that could effectively speak to the vastly different needs of each of their types of clients.

To best assist users in traversing the site, a unique image and text based navigation structure was developed to guide visitors to the specific area best suited for their ailment. Navigation roll overs were implemented to provide visitors with quick information about each service to confirm they were heading in the right direction as well as providing Google and other search engines additional details about the site's configuration.

From an internal standpoint, a patient form area was created within the website to give new patients easy access to the various forms they needed to complete prior to being treated, allowing them to come in and immediately be seen as opposed to sitting in the waiting room filling out paperwork. This also reduced the amount of time needed by Lighthouse Chiropractic staff to educate patients and allowed more time actually treating them.

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