Would Your Company Benefit From A Brand Refresh?

Posted on January 12, 2017

From Coca-Cola to Starbucks or Disney to Reebok, even the most widely recognized brands in the world refresh their looks. You may have considered the benefits of such a rebranding effort. Perhaps you need to simply modernize your identity to get away from an out of date look. Maybe your suite of services and products have expanded and your existing identity doesn't effectively communicate these new offerings. It may be that sales are slumping and you want to inject some new energy into your company.

And while there may be many reasons to rebrand, there are also the inevitable thoughts in the back of your head to shy away from doing so. We have discussed brand refresh projects with countless organizations over the years and often heard:

  • "Our customers have grown so attached to this logo over the years."
  • "There is so much history with this brand that I'd hate to lose."
  • "Our logo has taken us this far so it must be doing its job."
  • "This logo is on our brochures, building, business cards and everywhere else. It would be too hard to get away from."

One thing to remember is that these kinds of thoughts are framed around the past. Your existing customers know that logo. Your current business collateral has that logo mark on it. But what clients in the future might you not be attracting if you had a new look and feel to your brand? Hopefully your existing customers are with you for more than just your logo. If you have helped foster brand loyalty, they will stick around for slight logo alterations or drastic rebranding projects. So it isn't quite as scary as you might think.

Rrebrands come in all shapes and sizes. It might be as easy as updating your font to be more readable or exploring slight alterations to your brand's logo. Or it can be creating an entirely new brand name, logo, font, and color palette.

All that said, what are the major advantages of rebranding? We've taken the opportunity to detail some of the primary reasons you might want to look into updating your brand.

Modernize Your Look

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