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Realities For Children Custom Invite and Event Program Design

For the 19th annual Realities For Children Awards Gala, the local non-profit recognized young members of the community fighting to keep their dreams alive against incredible obstacles. The whimsical evening, aptly themed around dreams, required an invitation and program as majestic as the rest of the evening's events.

Clay Pot Creative immediately started in on the event invitation, beginning with selecting an elegant blue, the official color of child abuse awareness. Leading with an iridescent, translucent white sheet, the invitation exuded style and elegance. The near 500 variable printed, metallic silver envelopes was the proverbial icing on the cake to make sure they didn't languish in mailboxes for long.

Due in part to the invitation, the event sold out within just a few short days. While the children were the focus of the evening, Realities For Children also was honoring youth agencies, volunteers, foster parents, law enforcement and more. When each arrived, they also found equally opulent programs to walk them through the evening's festivities.