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Clay Pot Creative

Getting visitors to visit your website is the goal of almost every firm out there considering search engine marketing. This can be done in countless ways. You can be an authority on a topic and educate visitors on your expertise. You can have an amazing product or service that people naturally flock to. The long and short of it is, you need to provide something that site viewers consider valuable. Or sometimes you just act silly to draw attention to yourself.

That is what we did at Clay Pot Creative. When crafting our custom 404 web page, the page a user finds when they find a broken URL or a page that no longer exists on your site, we played up the broken Clay Pot joke. Channeling our inner 1980s child and hours of playing The Legend of Zelda, we remembered that breaking clay pots gave players coins. Breaking our Clay Pot site just gave our visitors some bad Zelda puns.

When our 404 page got out to the public it was posted to some popular video game based communities. Before we knew it, we had more site traffic in one afternoon than we did the entire rest of the year combined.

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