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E commerce

Canyon Bakehouse

As Canyon Bakehouse experienced explosive growth they found their off-the-shelf e-commerce solution was causing them a disproportionate amount of headache and effort to run. They needed a simple, user-friendly solution that integrated well with their existing systems and would require a minimum amount of customer service and fulfillment involvement to get orders out the door quickly and correctly.

Clay Pot Creative built an elegant e-commerce website and web-based order fulfillment system that seamlessly integrates with Canyon Bakehouse’s merchant accounts, FedEx and UPS shipping providers, and third party enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. In addition to complete integration, the website also offers a Bread Club for automatic reordering, a brick-and-mortar store finder with proximity search that contains over 7,000 locations, and shipping options that account for flash-frozen products that must arrive in three days total transit time.

This deeply integrated and intelligent solution enables Canyon Bakehouse personnel to invest their time and energy into large corporate accounts while still leaving customers with a very functional and user-friendly e-commerce website.

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