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Pateros Creek Brewing Company

Brewery marketing and design is one of our specialities at Clay Pot Creative, and Pateros Creek wanted the best for their new beer can series. Built around the scenery and charm of the brewery capital that is Fort Collins, Pateros Creek wanted this exciting new venture to have a visual treatment that personified the local origins of the brand.

We custom illustrated the pastoral backdrops and old-fashioned farmhouses that serve as the foundation for the line, letting consumers have a snapshot of the community of yesteryear that played such a crucial role in the development of the Pateros Creek. Implementing the Pateros Creek logo as a focal point of each design, we also assured that the promotional shirts and posters that accompanied the line would have a long shelf life even after the cans had sold out.

And sold out they did. So much so that Pateros purchased their own canning equipment to make it a staple of their own sales and marketing efforts moving forward.

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