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Barista Pro Shop

Barista Pro Shop goes up against some of the biggest coffee companies and distributors in the US. To maximize their returns and attract new customers, they trust Clay Pot Creative to manage their Pay Per Click campaigns as they compete against the Starbucks, Amazons, and other power players in the sector.

Creating ad campaigns built around both branded keywords and general coffee phrases, we crafted over 250 customized ads across dozens of unique campaigns. Testing different keyword combinations, headlines, landing pages, and more, we continually monitor conversions, click through rates, and dozens of other metrics to make sure each ad is effectively accomplishing its goal.

Focusing on wholesale revenue and spend for the year, our respective campaigns had a global ROI of nearly 750% while bringing in hundreds of new clients to Barista Pro Shop. Due to the high customer service levels provided by BPS, wholesale retention rates are through the roof, moving the lifetime value of each client and the campaign’s subsequent ROI far higher.

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