Should You Be Marketing On Facebook?

Posted on June 5, 2012

GM made some noise recently when it was revealed that they would be stopping their Facebook display advertising, stating that they had not been effective. The opinions of GM seem to be shared with another important group: consumers.

Research agency Greenlight recently surveyed 500 individuals, including lawyers, accountants, students and more to gain a better understanding of their Facebook behavior. The survey's results were telling:

  • 44% said they would never click on a display ad.
  • 31% said they rarely click on a display ad.
  • 13% said they do not use Facebook.
  • 10% said they often click on a display ad.
  • 3% said they regularly click on a display ad.

So should you disregard Facebook advertising entirely? That all depends. While this survey seems to indicate that three out of four users never or rarely click on an ad, Facebook does have one of the most advanced targeting features available. As a Facebook marketer, you are able to segment your ads by gender, age, interests, and more. With a thoroughly defined target audience, you can get your product or service directly in front of your customer base.

Just because 75% of users rarely, or don't, click on an advertisement doesn't mean the 13% that do should be forgotten.  In fact, this relatively low click rate might be strong arguement for Facebook ads because the users that do click the ads are highly motivated and interested in the ad and what it advertises. Something to remember for all pay per click advertising models, like you can set up with Facebook, is that you only pay when someone does click on your ad. So the 75% of Facebook users that are not clicking on your ad cost you nothing.

If you are a Facebook marketer, what are the results that you have seen? What have been your techniques to maximize your Facebook advertising?

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