Birth of a Brand - Part Two

Posted on July 20, 2012

Here at Clay Pot Creative, we do a lot of different kinds of projects. Some are logo development, some web development, some graphic design. Some clients come in just to have us create their Facebook account while others let us run with the whole package. Just four short weeks ago, we did the latter for one of our newest clients, taking a new company from the early stages of a concept all the way through launch. In this three part series, we will take an in-depth look at what it was like to create and launch a brand from scratch, and get it all done in time for the Colorado Brewers’ Festival.

The Birth of a Brand, Part Two

Disclaimer: brand development only happens in two weeks when a client has a very healthy budget and a lot of time and energy available to spend every waking moment on the project. While this is how this brand went down, we generally don't encourage this approach.

Now that Conundrum Coffee had a logo, we needed to fill in all the other holes in order to be ready for the Colorado Brewer's Festival. That meant we had one and a half weeks to create a website, develop packaging and messaging, and create a tradeshow booth to sell delicious iced coffee from. Luckily for us, the client already had some established vendor relationships, so it was quick work to source coffee bags and lables. A custom tent, not so much.

Conundrum Tent Cup Shirt

While half of our marketing team was hard at work finding a tent supplier that could turn the project around fast enough, the other half was holed up with the client sorting out messaging for everything from the website to the descriptions of the coffee. Communicating the right balance of coffee expertise with whimsy and fun is not as easy as it sounds, and there were a few long days coming up with the verbiage that felt the most comfortable. As soon as the message was dialed in, our design team added it to the already in-process coffee bags, and those got ordered with a rush.

Once a tent vendor was sourced, the design team quickly worked up a graphic treatment for it and we could check it off the list - with a delivery date of the day before the event. Plenty of time, right? On the client side, late nights were spent roasting to get the most delicious coffee possible, in time to bag, stock on store shelves, and promote at the Brewfest. There's nothing like a great opportunity to get the motivational juices flowing! Everything seemed to be falling in to place; the only major thing left was the website. With just days to go, could the CPC development team make it happen?

Stay tuned for next week, when we conclude the series with website development and a reveal of the final results.

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