Birth of a Brand - Part Three

Posted on August 3, 2012

Here at Clay Pot Creative, we do a lot of different kinds of projects. Some are logo development, some web development, some graphic design. Some clients come in just to have us create their Facebook account while others let us run with the whole package. Just four short weeks ago, we did the latter for one of our newest clients, taking a new company from the early stages of a concept all the way through launch. In this three part series, we will take an in-depth look at what it was like to create and launch a brand from scratch, and get it all done in time for the Colorado Brewers’ Festival.

The Birth of a Brand, Part Three

Disclaimer: brand development only happens in two weeks when a client has a very healthy budget and a lot of time and energy available to spend every waking moment on the project. While this is how this brand went down, we generally don't encourage this approach.

And now for the exciting conclusion - will Conundrum Coffee be ready to go in time for the Colorado Brewers' Festival? Will the Clay Pot Creative Team get through the mad rush without killing each other? Thankfully, the answer is yes, and here's how it all went down.

With the tent ordered and on its way, the client negotiating shelf space with a local retailer, and shirts and stickers in production, we were looking pretty good. There were 3 days till launch, and one major thing was missing: the website. For a primarily e-commerce based client, this is a pretty important piece to the puzzle, so we got down to business.

Luckily, the development of copy and look for the coffee bags gave our team a head start on developing the site. The programmers worked closely with the designers on a site map, and once that was finalized, the coding began. The Clay Pot Creative programming team has delivered countless websites with e-commerce built in, so this strength allowed them to make quick work of the build. There's a rumor that one programmer in particular might have worked overnight to make it happen, but we can't confirm or deny that...

By Friday morning, the website was ready to test and troubleshoot, and the whole team came together to make sure everything was in shape for launch. When the Conundrum Coffee site went live, the team rang the CPC gong and breathed a sigh of relief. The tent was finally on site, the shirts were delivered, schwag was ready, and the event schedule was set. Things were now in the client's hands, and the CPC team prepped for event set up the next day.

Saturday morning of Brewfest came quickly, and the CPC team met the client at the event site to help with set up. The client had been up late bagging coffee, so thank goodness there was product ready to sample and wake everyone up! Nerves were a little high in anticipation of the launch, but the booth looked amazing and the coffee was delicious. With a forecast high of 103, iced coffee was just the thing for the thousands of attendees. The client was thrilled with the response, and Conundrum Coffee made a big splash in the market - success!

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