Social Media for Dummies

Posted on August 29, 2012

Is your business on Facebook? Are you still not sure what it's doing for you? We're here to give you a few tips that will help your business shine in the realm of social media. Here we go!

  • Remember that social media is SOCIAL! It's not the place for advertising (remember when even GM pulled out of Facebook Ads?), but rather the place for learning about your customer and connecting with them on a personal level.
  • Conversations are key - relate to your fans, ask them what they'd like to see, reward them for communicating and sharing your page. The more you directly engage people, the more likely they are to share your page with others.
  • Show your personality! Is there a person behind your business? People like to do business with companies they trust. If you are the wizard behind the curtain, come out every now and then. Post your personal stories and photos related to your brand, and show your sense of humor.
  • Create content that is useful. Not everything you post needs to be about your business. When was the last time talking all about yourself got you a second date? Share content that is industry-related but not self-promotional, and educate your fans so they can make an educated buying decision. It will encourage sharing and push your page out beyond your direct networks.
  • Lastly. forget the metrics! There is nothing scientific about social media. It's about making friends and building relationships, and nothing can measure that with accuracy. 10,000 likes mean nothing when 9,900 of them don't care about your business.

And remember, if social media still has you stumped, give Clay Pot Creative a call. Our team can help you sort it out!

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