Twitter Changes Profile Page Layout

Posted on September 20, 2012

Changes are afoot at Twitter as the world's second largest social media site has unveiled a significant design revamp to profile pages today, letting users upload oversized "header" images, very similar to Facebook's recent graphics overhaul. Beginning today, users and brands alike will be allowed to use these header images free of charge. By logging in and selecting "Edit Your Profile" and then "Design," users will see the new header option, allowing them to import files up to 5 megabytes. Minimum dimensions for the Twitter header are 1252x626 for those wondering.

The change mirrors that of Facebook earlier this year, when they introduced "cover" photos that span the top of profile pages. Google+ has also rolled out a similar graphical design change, giving three of the top social media platforms very similar design layouts. Much like Facebook, users will be forced to adopt this design change in the long term, but can opt in at present. Twitter has also added interest based marketing to advertisers, letting them strategically market to Twitter users based on their interests, a marketing vehicle that Facebook has long offered companies.

Despite the growing similarities between many of the top social media sites, each should have its own distinct marketing approach. For example, Twitter can be a fantastic real time marketing and research tool for companies. Users can provide near instant feedback on your blog postings, news updates, and more. It can also be a powerful tool for networking as you can directly converse with decision makers and potential clients. Unlike Facebook, which is built primarily on friendships that exist outside of cyber space, Twitter is very much an open enviroment, where more than likely only a handful of your "followers" are people that you know in the real world. This can give you an excellent perspective on trends, your products, and more from a third party perspective.

So long story short, much like you had to do for your company just a few short months ago for Facebook, it is time to refresh your Twitter appeal by resizing some logos, creating an attractive banner for your Twitter presence, and finding clever ways to describe your brand and product in less than 140 characters.

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