Video Viewership Breaks Records

Posted on September 26, 2012

An all-time record 188 million US consumers viewed an estimated 38 billion web videos during the month of August. This record volume of viewers demonstrates the strong demand that consumers have for this more dynamic and engaging content and an opportunity to leverage this demand to help your business succeed.

The benefits of video marketing can quickly impact your company's bottom line, image and more. We wanted to highlight some of the top reasons that you should be integrating videos into your email and online marketing platforms.

Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors:

Not only does utilizing videos about your products and services prove to your customers that you are cutting edge, but also goes a long way into furthering your brand image. By using a company spokesperson or executive, you attach a name to a face. Instead of just being a faceless organization, your customers can see and hear that there are dedicated individuals behind the scenes.

Efficiently Relay Your Content:

We love search engine marketing. And while you may think that having 40 paragraphs of keyword rich content on each and everyone of your products may be wise, it doesn't have a whole lot of value if doesn't drive your customer to act. Site viewers don't want to scroll and scroll and scroll to get the information they want. Videos are a perfect solution for this by distilling the top line information about your products and services into one bite sized helping. By condensing your massive site content down to a one to two minute clip, you are getting your customers the information they are looking for without the headaches of reading all of your information.

Eliminate Bad Clients:

As a business owner, how many times have you gotten a phone call or inquiry form from a potential client only to learn that what they are looking for isn't even close to what you sell? Dovetailing off of the above, site viewers like easy to capture information. While videos can help you win over quality customers, they also save you the time and energy you would spend on distilling out inferior clients.

While effective, bringing videos into your email and online marketing plans is a time consuming and often expensive venture. Depending on your goals, dedicated videographers, script development, lighting, and far more may be needed. Or maybe just a handy cam and a good personality.

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