Cool Tools For Your Website

Posted on October 19, 2012

You don't even want to know how many websites there are actually out there (well over 650,000,000 if you are actually wondering). On top of that, each can have hundreds of pages within. Understanding that each of these sites wants your attention, you quickly realize that your website needs something pretty amazing to capture and keep your audiences' attention.

As competition continues to increase on the web, finding that extra special something can help you not only reach viewers, but also improve your search engine ranking, putting you above the other millions of websites out there. Ranking high within Google and other search engines is vastly important for the long term success of your website and company. Engaging clients with a fun tool or something exciting can not only keep them on the site, but making others link to you to show off your cool feature. So here are some suggestions on what you can do to move your site from middle of the pack to cream of the crop.

On page tools like calculators or estimate sheets can be incredibly useful tools for site visitors. By implementing a roofing calculator that calculates the wear and tear of a 10 year old roof, maybe your company gets a new contract. Every tool that educates users on your service can be a tremendous resource.

Adding graphs and charts to your site streamlines the flow of your information. Understanding 40 paragraphs of text can be a difficult task. Turning that information into an infographic saves space, is more user friendly, and can serve as link bait for other sites.

Instant personalized information takes an unneeded step out of the process for your customers. For customers in London, they don't need to click through all the information about your US based stores, for example. United States, European, Chinese, and other regional sites can be created with the site instantly identifying the customer's origin and displaying the proper site. Leveraging this kind of tool not only increases your online reputation, but also can drastically increase coversion scores.

Move aside XBox and Playstation. As mobile phones become more and more popular, the proliferation of mobile games have exploded in recent years. Developing a playful game or even utilizing an already established game on your site can keep your clients coming back to your site over and over.

In real world terms, the internet is all about shelf space. Securing the best position means that you need to not only be informative, but likely entertaining, memorable, and popular. On page tools such as those above can help you engage clients and increase your search engine rankings. Now to just push those other 650,000,000 sites to the rear view mirror.

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