Improving your performance at tradeshows

Posted on January 31, 2013

If you own a business, you know that there's a tradeshow for everything. From events aimed at educating the industry to shows built for getting your product in front of buyers, you probably get pitched to attend a tradeshow every week. Once you've settled on the right show for you, what's next?

The tradeshow booth! This piece of equipment is what will set you apart from everyone else on the tradeshow floor and provide the most impact. When considering your tradeshow booth, there are a few questions you need to answer.

  • Do I have compelling, large-format photography of my product or service?
  • Is my booth experience interactive or simply informational?
  • How many times a year will I have to ship this around the country?

Many companies don't think about a tradeshow booth when they are designing their website or other marketing materials. It takes an incredibly high resolution photo or graphic to pull off an 8'x12' booth wall, and the images on your website just won't cut it. Have you ever seen a banner or other large format image with a pixellated or blurry photo or logo? That's what happens when your graphics aren't high enough resolution!

Are you planning on manning your booth or just providing information for people to pick up? Will there be videos, or interactive apps? If your product is food-based, are you handing out samples or demostrating how to make something? These are all factors in how your tradeshow booth should be designed and how it should function. A high-performing booth potentially includes aspects of many of these things to keep your visitors engaged and excited about your company.

The third thing that many companies don't think about when designing their tradeshow experience is how many times it's going to make the trip across the country. Tradeshow booths are typically incredibly heavy and large, which equals expensive to ship and store. If it's not in your budget to send 6 pallets to New York, consider some lighter alternatives, such as banner-ups. Additionally, anything you can source locally to complement your booth experience will save you money in shipping.

The design team at Clay Pot Creative are your tradeshow display experts, and we can help you prepare every element to put your best face forward. There's no need to stress when the CPC team is on your side!

Some of the booths we've produced

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