Converting Your Personal Pinterest Account Into A Business Account

Posted on May 8, 2013

It probably isn't surprising to hear that Pinterest users spend more money on purchases than users on other leading social media sites. Roughly 80% of the site's top categories are commerce related such as jewelry, clothing, furnishing, and more. With so many opportunities to bring in eCommerce revenue using Pinterest, many users have reaped the benefits of converting their personal Pinterest account to a business account. Below, we walk you through the simple steps of making that transition as smooth as possible.


Converting Your Personal Pinterest Account To A Business Account


Step 1: Visit

Visit and click on the "Join as a Business" button and start the process of converting your personal Pinterest account to a business account.

Step 2: Input Your Business Information

Fill out the various fields on the form, including business type, contact name, and others. Pinterest does a good job of providing examples if you are unsure of what business type you should select.

Step 3: Update Your Profile Information

You don't need to change any of the information in the Profile Info section, but as this will now be your Pinterest business account, it is a good idea to craft a brief introduction in the About section and include your website to give viewers as much information about your company as able.

Step 4: Agree To The Pinterest Terms

Read through each and every word of the Pinterest Agreement, just like you do with all of the other long, legal documents you have to approve when signing up for virtually anything.

Step 5: Convert!

Once you agree to the terms, the "Convert Account" button should turn red and become active. Click it and start pinning on your new Pinterest business account!

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