What Are NFC Business Cards

Posted on July 17, 2013

Your business card is likely the one piece of information that a new client or vendor walks away with upon your first meeting. More times than we care to admit, that business card likely ends up in the trash or in a pile of dozens of other strikingly similar cards in a rarely used desk drawer never to be seen again. Custom business cards designs can help you rise above more traditional templates with die cuts, embossing, and a suite of dozens of other graphical treatments are all widely used. But now technology is a way to make your business card the one that people remember.

NFC business cards include a small microchip within. Short for "near field communication," NFC is a way for electronics to converse wirelessly. When a user holds the card next to their smart phone, the microchip shares a small amount of information that can include anything from your business location and contact information to playing music or displaying pictures. The microchips are limited in size, so the user is actually extracting the information from the internet.

Unlike traditional business cards that need to be reprinted if an address or phone number changes, NFCs can be electronically updated with whenever new information is needed. And since the information is pulled off the internet, cards can be updated even after they are already handed out.

Despite being seen on everything from posters to business cards, the jury remains out on QR codes, a less expensive option to NFC business cards. QR codes require the user to actually scan the code, require a large amount of space, and are generally difficult to make visually appealing.

Be sure to understand your customer when considering your business card designs. If you are in a technological based sector, utilizing a cutting edge tool like NFC business cards may be the difference between you and your competitors.

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