New Photo Studio For Clay Pot Creative

Posted on July 11, 2014

Video has quickly become one of the most popular marketing vehicles available with YouTube, Vine, Instagram and more giving viewers easily consumed content without needing to read a single word. After several clients inquired about our video marketing capabilities, we thought it was a good time to expand on our service offering in the category. Clay Pot Creative now has an in-house photo and video studio for client projects. During the few short weeks we have had it available, we have already tackled several exciting projects, including:

  • YouTube video series
  • Packaging photography
  • Product closeups
  • Tutorials
  • Video menu intros and closings

In addition to the video and photo studio, we also purchased a new camera and lenses to make all of your visuals look extra crisp.

Many industry analysts have predicted that the majority of search traffic will be video based in the coming years. The easy nature of video has obvious benefits over other traditional mediums. Would you rather read a scrolling page of in-depth technical instructions on how to assemble a table you just bought or watch a two minute video that you can follow along with?

Give us a call at 970.495.6855 and we can chat you through all of our video services and see if they would be a good fit for you!

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