A Week In The Life Of A Graphic Designer

Posted on March 18, 2016

When you think of a graphic design agency, you probably think of crafting new logos or creating state of the art website designs. While we do more than our fair share of those on a daily basis, we took a look at all the work our art directors tackled that wasn't in the logo or website design realm for the past week. The results surprised even us.

Package Design: When we completed a package design project last year for one of our clients, we didn't know it would help them fly off the shelves at the pace they are. Now we are completing packaging designs for the full suite of products within their portfolio to further reinforce the brand.

T-Shirt Design: As their primary visibility piece each year, one local company sells and gives out hundreds of t-shirts to their supporters. Wanting to branch out from past designs with a fresh, modern look, the Clay Pot Creative team has been working away on new concepts that will be presented next week.

Custom Mailer Packaging: Eyeing Fortune 500 companies, one of our clients wanted to make a splash with their custom mailer. In addition to the design, our talented team of graphic designers sourced packaging and customized gifts, confirmed with postal providers on shipping viability, and structured the mailer intentionally for streamlined integration of variable print details.

Map Creation: With a US tradeshow tour about ready to kick off, one of our clients need a roadmap to show where they were going. This custom graphic included all of their stop offs, dates, times, and additional information on how customers could connect with the brand.

Business Card Design: Wrapping up with a rebranding project for one of Colorado's fastest growing construction firms last week, it was time to dive into business cards. Wanting to explore everything from foil stamps to embossing and matte paper to metal, a little bit of everything was crafted to give them a full sense of their options.

Vehicle Magnet Modification: When a client brought on a new group of independent contractors, they needed modifications to their existing vehicle graphics to serve as a temporary marketing tool for their new teammembers.

Potential Client Discussions: At Clay Pot Creative, everything we do is hand-crafted precisely to fit our clients' marketing needs. With that vision in mind, our graphic designers are brought it before we even start a project to provide their insight. Potential graphic problems they see a brand encountering, opportunities they think are worthy of exploration, and cost estimates are all routinely discussed to give future clients a wealth of information before even signing a contract.

Document Formatting: Contracts aren't sexy, but that didn't mean that one of our local roofing partners didn't want to try. To provide a fully realized brand experience, we reformatted the legal documents the company provided us, turning it into a more user friendly piece, combining form and function to allow them to better close each deal.

Packaging Labels: When one of our local partners signed a new wholesale agreement with a big time company, they needed a rush order on labels. Crisis averted and off to customer.

Banner Vendor Sourcing: Banner ups don't just stop with the design. The vinyl that is used, lighting options, and carrying case details also need to be outlined to give customers a full sense of what they are getting and the costs involved.

Business Card Updates: With one of our food and beverage partners experiencing amazing growth, it was time to get new business cards for the recent hires. And if we can get them yesterday, that would be great.

Press Checks: When we got a press sheet from a printer that didn't match the colors we were hoping for, we marked up the version we received to help them print the truest colors possible to insure brand integrity on behalf of our client.

Yard Sign Modifications: One local outdoors company was finalizing new phone numbers after opening a new office, but needed yard signs after moving into a new high value neighborhood. Done and done.

Pocket Folder Revisions: Design is a fluid thing. When addresses are changed, taglines altered, or new colors desired, we understand. All updated and sent off to press.

Event Program Design: Reserved for 500 of the most passionate and giving individuals in the community, one local non-profit wanted their event programs to exude elegance as much as the event itself. From the program's design, typeface, color palette, paper sourcing, and print sourcing, Clay Pot Creative handled it all.

PowerPoint Templates: While a pending presentation was the primary catalyst for the project, one client needed a refined look need to wow clients in the short term, but also customizable in the long term for other meetings.

And all of this was in addition to the logo and website work we were working on during the week. The fun side of graphic design is the creativity, but without the minutia of paper and print sourcing, research, reviews, and more, none of it would be possible. So just remember that a logo or website doesn't start or end when the pencil is to the paper. It goes from the the initial genesis of the brand to how it interacts with customers, constantly evolving and requiring attention. As a full service marketing agency, we are happy to help you along the way.

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